Our digital soldered appliances are now more accessible and streamlined than ever before!

We are excited to reveal that due to more requests for digital soldered appliances as opposed to traditional analogue, we can now closely match the cost and production timeframe.

Initial scan and fitting

The accuracy of this digital appliance only allows approximately 21 days between the initial scan and fitting. This timeframe is imperative to successfully fitting the appliance, as the teeth can erupt/exfoliate if left too long.

More and more orthodontics are moving towards digital soldered appliances and reaping the rewards.

Digital soldered appliance benefits include:

  • No separators needed – save two appointments
  • Using fixed appliances on children with not fully erupted teeth
  • No longer have to cut soft tissue to fit band or crown
  • Have tubes and attachments all included within one designed piece




Images courtesy of Dr Nour Eldin Tarraf — Sydney Orthodontist

Get ahead of the game with Digital Orthodontics

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Digital Ortho

Ari Sciacca – Director of Digital Orthodontics

With a proven track record, Ari has strong digital orthodontic laboratory experience. And using strategic thinking skills, Ari crafts solutions that meet clients’ business needs and add value. Specialties: lingual orthodontics appliance set-ups, digital advancements in both lingual and labial indirect bonding as well as Herbst appliances. Learn more

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