Frequently asked questions

We’ve put together some of the more commonly asked questions about digital indirect bonding and why more orthodontists should be using it.

As an orthodontist, why should I change what I’m using?

Digital indirect labial bonding offers faster, more accurate treatment which means happier patients. It can also mean more patients: both through referrals from happy patients and having more time in the day.

Can you use any type of brackets with the digital indirect bonding?

Yes. Here at Digital Orthodontics we offer a range of options enabling you to continue using your preferred bracket system. So, whether you are after lingual braces or labial braces we can help you.

What is the advantage of your portal?How does digital indirect bonding technology speed up treatment?

If you are using intraoral scan technology, Digital Orthodontics can help you. Our portal can help you with exporting and converting digital files to facilitate appliance fabrication. Making it easier for you to communicate with our lab and produce results for patients.

How does digital indirect bonding technology speed up treatment?

Digital Orthodontics’ technology allows orthodontists to try different treatment scenarios digitally before any brackets or wires are place.

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