Our Digital Kim Aligners are one of the most popular devices we fabricate at our laboratory, especially for post-orthodontic treatment and minor relapse cases.

What is the Digital Kim Aligner?

Developed by renowned Lingual Therapy Orthodontist, Dr TaeWeon Kim from South Korea, Digital Kim Aligners (Fig.1) offer clinicians the ability to detail cases post-deband. By utilising the latest innovation in digital orthodontics, we are able to digitally remove braces and brackets, align the teeth and then create the patient’s next aligner on this predicted model.

clear aligner


Why Choose Digital Kim Aligners?

Kim Aligners offer the following benefits for clinicians and patients:

  • They are half the thickness of standard clear aligners: they come in soft, medium and hard, making them a more dynamic aligner.
  • The teeth advance further into alignment compared to traditional aligner systems (0.75 – 1.25mm Velocity, 3 – 5 Degrees rotation and/or 3 – 5 Degrees Rotation) approximately 3 – 4 times more than traditional aligner’s.
  • In most cases patients only require three sets to complete their orthodontic treatment.
  • Allow for a smoother and faster transition between deband and retainer wear, which streamlines orthodontic appointments.

How does it work?

The process involves scanning the models or mouth, and digitally removing braces with our Dental Monitoring system.

Once the realistic and desired objective is achieved via the digital software, using a mathematical formula, the model is 3D printed and a soft, medium and hard aligner is formed.

The patient would then wear each aligner per week for a minimum of 20 hours per day.

Varying thickness and composition of each aligner (3) which is worn sequentially allows the movement of the teeth and in most cases the patient keeps their last aligner as the final retainer.

The concept was initially developed more post lingual, but it works well with any form of post orthodontics, post fixed labial and even post Invisalign.

If an orthodontist uses an intra-scanner, they may decide to scan even with brackets on where they can be digitally removed. Here, a patient would have their retainers waiting for them before a bracket or attachment was removed. Learn more information about digital de-bonding and patient satisfaction here.

 Dental Monitoring: Game Changer In Orthodontics

Streamline orthodontic appointment, Increase operational efficiency, and optimise your competitive edge with Dental Monitoring.

Imagine the efficiency of monitoring a patient all through their orthodontics treatment with the ability of exporting the STL files for retention at the end of treatment…without the patient coming in.

Introducing Dental Monitoring…

Dental Monitoring is a digital system developed to offer clinicians the ability to export a digital STL file of their patient instantly, without the patient visiting for a de-bonding appointment. We believe this will be a game changer in how orthodontic appliances can be manufactured.

Even though the patient may have brackets, modules, composite and wires, the exported STL files have clean teeth (If the intra-oral scan was performed at the beginning of treatment).

Once downloaded, the clinician can either send the files to an orthodontic laboratory for standard retainers, or have the laboratory digitally adjust the teeth for the desired alignment through additional custom-made appliances – which can be sent back in time for the de-bonding appointment.

Digital Orthodontics Victoria

If you would like to know more about Digital Kim Aligner’s, Dental Monitoring and how it can help you streamline your services, improve operational efficiency and optimise your ROI, contact us today.

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With a proven track record, Ari has strong digital orthodontic laboratory experience. And using strategic thinking skills, Ari crafts solutions that meet clients’ business needs and add value. Specialties: lingual orthodontics appliance set-ups, digital advancements in both lingual and labial indirect bonding as well as Herbst appliances. Learn more

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