To assist with impression pick-ups, Digital Orthodontics has opened a Toll Priority portal.

The Toll Priority portal provides you with another convenient option to book a pick-up and send us your patient impressions.

Read through the instructions below for information on using the portal. Please note that all bookings still need to be placed before 1:30pm to ensure a pick-up.

You do not need to register for Toll Online Services to use the portal.

Using the Toll Priority portal:

Step 1

Go to the Toll Online portal.

Step 1 - Toll Priority

Step 2

In the top left of the page click on Pick-Ups > Book a Pick Up

Step 3 

Enter the Account Number (3000YO) and select Toll Priority (Australia) in the Toll Business field. Click Next.

Step 2 - Toll Priority

Step 4

Enter in your pick-up and delivery details. Select 1kg satchel as the product to be picked up.

Step 3 - Toll Priority

Step 5

Review the details of your booking then click Book Now.

You will receive an online PRIOR number, which is the booking reference.

That’s it, all done. If you’ve made your booking before 1:30pm a Toll driver should be with you shortly.

At Digital Orthodontics, we are committed to streamlining orthodontic planning and treatment. Going digital will increase your practice efficiency and improve your patient experience. Even if you haven’t made the switch to digital scanning we still support traditional impression techniques, and the Toll Priority portal booking system can make it even quicker and easier to organise your practice.

Go to the Toll Priority portal.

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