Digital Orthodontics is a TRIOS ready lab

Increase the speed of your patient’s treatment with TRIOS® Digital Impression System.

If you’re an orthodontist using the 3Shape TRIOS solution you can now send your TRIOS® digital impressions to us.

We are proud to be able to offer orthodontists:

  • Model manufacturing services
  • Treatment proposal services
  • Full digital appliance services

What is TRIOS® Ready?

More and more orthodontists are using 3Shape TRIOS® to take impressions digitally and send their cases online to labs that are setup to receive their scans and service their orders. We call such labs “TRIOS® Ready” labs.

Benefits of digital impressions

There are a number of benefits to both the orthodontist and their patient for using the TRIOS® Digital Impression System:

Orthodontist benefits:

  • Reduce the need for retakes
  • Improve the accuracy of the clinical results
  • Less adjustment time during seating
  • No impression materials: no mess
  • Cost savings in material and shipping

Patient benefits:

  • Improved clinical results
  • Less time in the orthodontist chair
  • Better fit
  • Comfortable and quick experience
  • Few appointments due to better accuracy

Save time: invest in a digital impression system

As we said in our last blog: patients don’t visit the orthodontist because they want treatment: they visit the orthodontist because they want straighter teeth. By using the TRIOS® Digital Impression System you are can provide a faster service to your patients. And it’s much quicker to upload digital impressions than send a mould via traditional mail.

Because Digital Orthodontics is a Trios® ready lab, you can now upload your TRIOS® Digital Impressions to our portal, making it quicker and easier for you to treat your patients.

Taking digital impressions allows you to sae time and see more patients.

Why you want to use digital indirect bonding

The technology Digital Orthodontics use allows dentists to try different treatment scenarios before brackets and wires are placed. And with the use of our portal you are able to export and convert digital files to facilitate appliance fabrication. This will make it easier to communicate with Digital Orthodontics and produce results for patients.

If you would like to know more about how Digital Orthodontics can help you, please contact us today.

Digital Ortho

Ari Sciacca – Director of Digital Orthodontics

With a proven track record, Ari has strong digital orthodontic laboratory experience. And using strategic thinking skills, Ari crafts solutions that meet clients’ business needs and add value. Specialties: lingual orthodontics appliance set-ups, digital advancements in both lingual and labial indirect bonding as well as Herbst appliances. Learn more

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