Patients don’t visit the orthodontist because they want treatment. Patients visit the orthodontist because they want straighter teeth.

90% of patients are not interested in the orthodontic jargon of technology, software and the moving parts of orthodontics. They are interested in how quickly you can straighten their teeth. And how accurately it can be done. Patients don’t want to hear about ideal bracket placement and the best kind of band. They want to hear “we can achieve X result, in X number of months.”

Why the speed of treatment matters

Time—not money—is, for many people, their most precious commodity. If you can offer your patients a faster, more comfortable method of orthodontics, don’t you think they will be more inclined to take this option?

For one thing, digital orthodontics means no messy impression material. For another it means that there is more accuracy because you’re placing the brackets with digital precision rather than manually.  And you will be able to show your patients the end result—both you and your patient will be given a clear idea of how the end result will look.

We can accommodate almost any bracket system

With the variety of bracket options available many orthodontist wonder if their system is compatible with digital indirect bonding. And it is a great advantage of this technology that the majority of bracket systems are compatible with a variety of bracket systems.

So whether your patient wants lingual braces or ceramic braces, our digital indirect bonding technology will allow you to provide the treatment more quickly and accurately than with traditional bonding methods.

Digital Ortho

Ari Sciacca – Director of Digital Orthodontics

With a proven track record, Ari has strong digital orthodontic laboratory experience. And using strategic thinking skills, Ari crafts solutions that meet clients’ business needs and add value. Specialties: lingual orthodontics appliance set-ups, digital advancements in both lingual and labial indirect bonding as well as Herbst appliances. Learn more

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