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Improved outcomes for orthodontics can be approved when the orthodontist has access to the latest digital impression technology. Virtual impressions uploaded in real time allow the orthodontist to show their patient what about their smile needs treatment, and the best way to achieve that.

Not having to use impression material and being able to send digital impressions straight to the lab will allow for the digital indirect bonding to drive faster, more accurate results.

However, there are dentists who are now providing digital indirect bonding services and are selling clients on instant gratification orthodontics. If more orthodontists offer this service and provide patients with a better treatment experience, there may be fewer patients looking for the quick fix.

The rise of instant gratification orthodontics and why this is bad for patients

Even in medicine people are looking for a quick fix. Whatever product or service can get someone an immediate result is infinitely better than having to wait. And even if the quick fix is more of a Band-Aid than a true solution marketers come in and sell a story to convince people otherwise.

This instant gratification mentality has seen some professionals creating orthodontic solutions which don’t solve the underlying problems but only straighten teeth for appearance’s sake. This instant gratification orthodontics has left many orthodontists frustrated and annoyed about dentists doing a hack job on patients’ teeth. Which leads to plenty of patients having to go to an orthodontist to fix the underlying problem: so who’s winning here?

Let’s be clear; when we are talking about instant gratification orthodontics, we’re talking about treatments like social6 and Smilefast. In the hands of an orthodontist, social6 braces would not be a problem. But when a dentist spends two days learning how to do what an orthodontist learns in three years, surely patients should be worried?

Digitise the process

The answer to instant gratification orthodontics is to provide patients with faster treatment times with more accurate results from the professionals who are best qualified to help them: orthodontists.

Orthodontists are placed to provide patients with the best treatment available.

As orthodontic labs are testing new technology to provide faster and more accurate treatment, it is up to orthodontists to modernise and therefore digitise their practice.

Orthodontists can offer patients what dentists cannot; a complete treatment which solves the underlying issues. After all, what is the point of straightening the crowns of your teeth if the roots are still out of alignment? Would it not be better to treat the whole tooth and do it properly the first time?

Where Digital Orthodontics enters the picture

Providing a digital orthodontic service can only benefit your practice. Digitising the whole process allows for no impression material, and the benefit of this is two-fold. The first benefit to you is that you don’t have to send impressions off to the lab. With digital impressions you can upload them to an online portal and show your patients intended results and send off your instructions to the orthodontic lab. The second benefit is your patient will be much happier at how accurate and efficient digital impressions are, not to mention they won’t have to bite down on strange tasting impression material.

Another advantage is the increased accuracy of the treatment which can lead to faster results. The increased accuracy is a result of placing the brackets digitally and then receiving the bonding trays for maximum effectiveness.

For faster, more accurate treatment digitise your orthodontic process

To provide faster and more accurate results for patients digitising the orthodontic process is the best step forward. Patients are not interested in the science behind orthodontics but they are interested in hearing ‘faster and more accurate’. They are interested in hearing about the results and about why they’re spending so much money to have their teeth straightened.

Which is what you need to do. Tell your patients the reasons why orthodontics by an orthodontist is better for them. And with digital technology for faster and more accurate results, you can show them.

Digital Ortho

Ari Sciacca – Director of Digital Orthodontics

With a proven track record, Ari has strong digital orthodontic laboratory experience. And using strategic thinking skills, Ari crafts solutions that meet clients’ business needs and add value. Specialties: lingual orthodontics appliance set-ups, digital advancements in both lingual and labial indirect bonding as well as Herbst appliances. Learn more

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